Interactive Learning Tools


Notepaper Generator
Create a pdf of a lined page with a calendar at the top.

Cornell Note-taking System Paper Generator 
Create customized paper in the Cornell style (blank, lined, or graph).

Notepad Generator
Create a customized notepad to help you organize your notes.

Learning Styles

Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire
Find out what your dominant learning styles are by taking this 44-question survey.

Tests for Brain Dominance, Personality, and Learning Style
Complete three short questionnaires to learn about your brain dominance, personality, and learning style.

Brain Works (download “brain.exe”)
Take this survey to find out if the left or right hemisphere of your brain is dominant, and if you are more of an auditory or visual learner.

Study Skills

Academic Success Videos
Learn proven techniques and strategies for improving academic learning. Video topics include: Strategic learning, time management, notetaking, stress management, and reading improvement.

Overcoming University Obstacles
Developing an understanding of yourself so that you will be able to cope with the demands and obstacles that may prevent you from studying effectively. Have fun with this deliberately light-hearted approach to adjusting to the first year at university!

What is your reading speed?
Work out your reading speed per minute.

Spelling, Grammar, Translation, Writing

Essay Punch – Guided Writing Program
A guided writing program. This website provides questions that help to guide users step-by-step through pre-writing, writing, organizing, editing, rewriting, and publishing.

Activities for ESL Students
English grammar and vocabulary quizzes.

Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Translator
Definitions, word history and pronunciation using the American Heritage Dictionary.

Identifying and Avoiding Plagiarism
Information and self-tests regarding plagiarism.

MLA citations, MLA footnotes, and the APA format – free two week trial period.

Assignment Calculator
Plan out a strategy for your next assignment – manage your time efficiently and effectively.